About Us

CBC is very much a family business that lives in a community of cyclists. It’s locally-owned and employs locals, plus it supports local businesses. Here’s the CBC team:


Steve has been riding and fixing bikes since he was a kid. He used to ride steel road bikes, but living here in Cessnock has changed him into an MTB rider, and now he does most of his riding in the local forests or gravel roads on one of his eBikes.
Steve started CBC in 2019 and is in the shop most days. He does most of the servicing and all of the R&D. His passion is tinkering with restoration projects through his ‘Millfield’ brand, and collecting the old race bikes that can be seen hanging on the walls of the shop.
Rumour has it that Steve’s never sold any of his collectible bikes, but it’s not true!



Sharon runs the CBC Admin and Finance team, keeping everything working from behind the scenes. She cleans up all the computer chaos the rest of us leave behind, plus she pays us every fortnight – so she’s the most important member of our team!


Emily is our weekend specialist and leads our Women’s social group. You’ll find her in the store from Thursdays to Mondays, where she looks after the showroom and takes all the service bookings.
Emily is also our webstore admin, adding catalog items to the store, managing inventory and packing orders for delivery. If you live in Cessnock you’ll see Emily out and about in the van, delivering bikes and parts to our customers.


Bill is our newest staff member and works in the shop afternoons and weekends. He’s been riding with us since the beginning of CBC and he’s a great addition to our team. He’s our chief roadtester, and if your bike was serviced or repaired by us then Bill probably rode it to pass our QA standards.


Paul is a fast local rider, and leads our MTB social group. When he’s not competing in endurance MTB events across NSW, Paul plans and leads all of the MTB shop rides.
Paul is often out scouting new trails for the next big ride, or clearing existing trails with his Dad.


Grant is the most passionate gravel rider we’ve ever met, and takes local riders exploring the Yengo National Park on gravel shop rides through the CBC Gravel social group.
He lives and rides in Wollombi, the centre of the gravel universe.

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