FOX Bidon Purist 750 Park Sunset

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The Fox Purist bottle guarantees you fresh and clean water on hot days, perhaps while you are facing a long climb. For this reason, Purist technology is used which protects the bottle from bad smells, stains and molds to ensure an extraordinary taste every time you quench your thirst. In addition, the bottle is equipped with a MoFlo cap that prevents leaks and allows you to use it without efforts. Stay hydrated along the way without that unpleasant plastic taste thanks to the 770 ml Purist Moth bottle.

  • Valve that can be opened and closed without hands: there is nothing to rotate.
  • The cap remains attached ensuring a 100% watertight seal during transport or when the bottle is shaken to prepare the contents to be drunk.
  • Made of LDPE material, easy to press.
  • Transparent strip to easily see the content.
  • Plastic without BPA.
  • Entirely made with FDA-approved food materials (United States Food and Medicines Agency) and printed with solvent-free materials.
  • 770 ml capacity.