Brake upgrades & changes



Recently we changed our Focus Thron from Shimano to SRAM because the Eagle AXS wireless shifting kit is so unbelievably good.

Along with the gruppo change we converted the rear wheel from a Shimano Microspline setup to a SRAM XD driver hub in a tough-as-nails Havacrak complete eMTB wheel.

This gave us a small problem – the rear wheel on Bosch-powered eMTBs use the 6-bolt brake disc system, where two of the disc bolts also mount the sensor.

It’s a good, reliable system…but of course our new hub uses a centerlock brake disc.

We actually prefer the centerlock system because the disc is always centered on the hub and there’s never a problem with a disc touching the caliper.

We’ve seen this mis-match problem in the past and the ‘workaround’ is an adaptor with a modified mounting for the sensor magnet that causes the disc to move under braking. Thankfully this kind of solution normally only comes from dodgy backyard workshops!

The correct (and safe!!) solution is to use Shimano’s centerlock brake disc with built-in magnet, it works perfectly with the Bosch pickup because the magnet is in almost the same position as the Bosch setup.

Shimano’s range of discs is huge, with Deore, XT and XTR options in 160,180 and 203.
Remember to check your brake caliper position if you’re changing from 200mm to 203mm, and to avoid squealy brakes always install new pads when using a new disc.

If you’re changing disc or pads you should always perform a bed-in procedure, you can find the video here:

Happy trails!!