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CBC began in 2019 in a building that just turned 100.
It is very much a family business, and the entire team is proud to service the local community.
CBC is owned and staffed by locals, and it supports local businesses.


Steve has been riding and fixing bikes since he was a kid.
He used to ride steel road bikes, but living here in Cessnock has changed him, and now he does most of his riding in the local forests or gravel roads on an assortment of customised eBikes.
Steve started CBC and is in the shop every day.
He does most of the servicing and all of the product development, plus he’s the crazy bike nerd behind of our custom bike builds.


Sharon runs the CBC Admin and Finance team, keeping everything working from behind the scenes. She cleans up all the computer chaos the rest of us leave behind, plus she pays us every fortnight – so she’s the most important member of our team!



Ethan works in the shop weekdays after school, and on weekends he’s out riding his Cannondale Scalpel. He’s our chief roadtester, and if your bike was serviced or repaired by us then Ethan probably rode it to pass our QA standards.


Brian is the official King of Werakata and in summertime he works in the store Friday to Sunday.
Brian is clearly the best looking of us and on his day off you’ll find him either on the cover of Vogue or riding his Focus eBike in the bush.

Dani & Euan

Dani and Euan are our marketing and digital team, working in the background to keep CBC humming along in the digital world. They work their magic from their slice of paradise in Laguna.