You’ve collected your new bike – what’s next?

Before you ride your bike you should read your Owner’s Manual and familiarise yourself with all of the Manufacturer’s instructions. This will include how to safely operate your bike, and what you need to check before every ride.

Your bike completed our QA process prior to delivery and it’s working properly, so now that it’s in your possession you’re responsible for it. Check your bike thoroughly, take it for an initial ride, and report any issues to us immediately.

The bike comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty that covers defective manufacturing, but it doesn’t cover everything that can possibly happen to your bike in the warranty period. See our FAQs below for more info.

If your bike has disc brakes, you need to bed them in on your first ride. Watch this video and complete the bedding-in process. Your warranty does not cover squealing brakes from failure to complete this process.

Your bike will ‘settle in’ with the first few rides. Almost all bikes will need a quick tune-up of brakes and gears within the first month of use.
At CBC, your first service is free within 90 days of purchasing your bike. Call us and book it in on 4909 8492.

Remember: now that your bike is in your possession, you’re responsible for it. Check it thoroughly before every ride!


Q: My bike is two weeks old and the gears are starting to make a noise, what do I do?
A: This is normal. Book your bike in for its free first service, we’ll tune it and check it over.

Q: What happens if the bike has a problem while I’m riding it?
A: Stop riding it and contact us. If the failure is caused by a component defect, warranty will apply. If you keep riding it and more damage is caused, this is not covered by warranty.

Q: I don’t think my bike is set up correctly for me. Can I bring it back for bike fitting?
A: Yes, we can fit you to your bike. This is not part of the purchase price though, so a fee will apply.

Q: My wheel came out while I was riding and there’s some damage. Is this covered by warranty?
A: Probably not. If a part failed because it was defective then yes, but the failure needs to be proven to be the cause. Remember – you’re responsible for your bike every time you ride.

Q: What happens if a part fails, like a derailleur or forks?
A: Components can fail; if this happens we’ll do a warranty assessment with the manufacturer of the component and if it’s approved they’ll send us a replacement component. You may be liable for freight charges, especially if the failed component needs to be returned to the Manufacturer for assessment.

Q: My new bike has a scratch in the paint, is this warranty?
A: Once you take possession of your bike, you’re responsible for it. Paint scratches are not covered by warranty.

Q: But the paint scratch occurred because of a component failure!
A: If the component manufacturer agrees to cover the cost of paint repair then we’ll complete that work as part of the warranty job. It’s unlikely though, as most component manufacturers do not accept liability beyond replacement of the failed component.

Q: I’ve bought the wrong bike for me. Can I exchange it?
A: Probably! We trade bikes so call us and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: I bought an expensive bike and there’s a problem with it now. This isn’t supposed to happen. I want it fixed under warranty.
A: Bikes are machines with lots of moving parts – they can fail with use. If this happens, we’ll assess it for warranty. If a part failed because it was defective then the repair will be carried out under warranty, but a failure needs to be proven to be the cause. If the bike has a problem while being used, it’s not automatically warrantable.

Q: That’s not good enough. I bought it from CBC and you’re responsible.
A: Consumer Law protects everyone – both the buyer and the seller. You can find more information here

Q: Does CBC cover the warranty repair if it’s denied by the Manufacturer?
A: No. The manufacturer has the final say on warrantable repair of their components and products. CBC will pass on any decision by the manufacturer.

Q: When do I need to get my bike serviced?
A: Most bikes only need an annual service. If you do lots of riding (especially on off-road bikes) you’ll need more frequent servicing. Contact us for more information.

Q: What are consumable parts, and are they covered by warranty?
A: Consumable parts are worn by use and they aren’t covered by warranty. This includes (but isn’t limited to) tyres and tubes, brakes and wheels, bearings, axles and pedals. Any part that rotates or contacts another part (or the ground) during use is consumable.

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