Custom Bikes

It’s not always possible to find the exact bike you want, right?

We agree. We ride bikes every day in all types of conditions, and we know that the perfect bike is one that has been customised.
CBC are experienced in building custom bikes, and lots of our customers bring us their bikes for small (and large!) jobs to make their bike exactly right for them.

Much of what we do are ‘Gravel’ conversions, where we take road bikes or mountain bikes and adapt them into the very popular gravel bikes for local conditions. These bikes can be ridden on any road surface, opening up hundreds more kms of local roads for touring and adventure riding.

This Cannondale Synapse Neo is a high-perfomance ‘Endurance’ road bike, modified as an eGravel bike:

  • Carbon fibre flat handlebars
  • 1 x 11 wide-ratio Shimano XT drivetrain with 53t chainwheel for fast road speeds
  • 3T Carbon Gravel forks
  • Bosch Smartphone Hub dash upgrade
  • High-performance LED headlight and taillight
  • Pirelli hard compound gravel tyres for traction and comfort either on-road or off-road

These modifications can be done in stages if you’re on a budget, or all at once to create your dream bike.

We’re also busy developing high-tech light solutions for eBikes. This custom setup on a Cannondale MTB incorporates a Wahoo GPS and a Lezyne LED headlight into a single slimline mount.

If you have a custom bike project, call us on 4909 8492 to discuss it. We’ll work hard to make your bike perfect.

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