Caring for your
Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

OK, so you have hydraulic disc brakes on your bike…here’s how to keep them noise-free and working correctly.

If your bike is new then your first job is to condition your brakes with a ‘bed-in’ process. Check out this video guide from SRAM:

You can improve on this process using a hill, we think Cooper St is perfect for the job.

This is not a once-only job though, we say ABC stands for Always Be Conditioning. As you ride your brakes will get dirty and they’ll get wet, so brake conditioning is part of riding. If you use every hill to condition your brakes, you’ll use pads a little faster but your brakes will be more effective and they’ll stay noise-free.

There are two rules with disc brakes on bikes, the first is this: Treat them mean to keep them keen.
A soft brake action will glaze your brakes and they’ll stop working…plus they’ll start to squeal.

Second rule of happy brakes is DO NOT SPRAY ANYTHING ON YOUR BIKE. Your brakes don’t get hot enough to burn off contaminants, so anything sprayed from an aerosol can will end up in your brakes.

You’ll find lots of aerosol products that claim to be safe to use on bikes and we think it’s BS. We see two or three bikes a week in our workshop for brake replacement and it’s always because of something that came out of an aerosol can. Always!


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