Carmichael Park BMX facility concept plan



The CBC team took a ride out to Carmichael Park in Bellbird today. There’s a Council initiative underway to revamp the BMX facility, so we wanted to check it out before sending our submission.

It’s a pretty cool track and a credit to the locals that built it and maintain it themselves. It felt safe and inviting, there was plenty of young people there enjoying the facility, and it gets a massive thumbs up from us.

As for what to do there, I’ll leave it to the BMX experts to design something that’s safe and fun, but we should definitely be looking for a facility that is of lasting quality and of a standard high enough to support competition at local, state and national level.

Let’s make sure the BMX park can access the changerooms and canteen, plus ensure that the large parking areas are used by visitors so that local residents aren’t constantly dealing with crazy parking on their streets and front lawns.

Carmichael Park has heaps of space where multiple sports can co-exist, so I’ll be saying that we should be ambitious enough to aim for a multi-discipline cycling facility that will accommodate all of our local cyclists. There’s enough room for a pump track and a crit track that enhances a quality BMX park.

Share your thoughts with Council here; submissions close 31st October – that’s two weeks away, folks!

SUBMISSIONS click here with Cessnock City Council.

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