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Does your eBike have a throttle or twist-grip accelerator? 
Does it power you without pedalling? 
Bad news...it's now illegal!

New Federal legislation effective Jan 22nd has outlawed eBikes that aren't an 
'Electrically Power-Assisted Cycle' (EPAC).

The good news is that all of our eBikes conform to this new standard, and 
you're still legal on Australian roads.

We only sell EPACs!

If you've bought an eBike from CBC, keep on biking - YOURE SAFE!
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New range of eBikes at CBC

Feel The Boost on a Schwinn eBike

Electric bikes put extra power behind every pedal so you can ride farther, take on bigger hills, and enjoy cycling more than ever before.

Schwinn eBikes at Cessnock Bicycle Company come in several cool colours.

The Schwinn Voador is a multi-purpose eBike that’s made for everyone. With 27.5″ wheels and big tyres, this bike is easy to mount, plus the Ladies version has a dropped top-tube that makes it even more comfortable. Both bikes have a suspension seat post for added comfort.

The bike uses a powerful rear-hub drive system that gives a range of up to 75km, and the battery is sealed in a locked compartment for security. You can hardly tell it’s an eBike!

Hydraulic disc brakes provide ultimate safety, and it drives through a quality Shimano 9-speed gearing system.

It’s super simple to use and takes away the effort of cycling while leaving all of the health benefits and some daily fresh air!

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Schwinn eBikes now in-store at Cessnock Bicycle Company. See you at 88 Vincent Street, Cessnock