Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner Kits



We are often asked for chain cleaning tips, and our answer is always the same: chain scrubbers are the best investment you’ll make because your bike will shift better and your chain will last longer if you keep it clean and free of dirt and old lube.

These Pro Chain Cleaner kits from Finish Line are made by the inventors of the original chain scrubber, and this third-generation scrubber works amazingly well – it’s the one we use when we clean your chain in our workshop.

The kits are in stock now and are complete with enough cleaner fluid for 8 scrubs, plus a bottle of the best dry lube we’ve ever used.

$89.95 is an investment in increased chain life and perfect shifting every time.

See you soon at CBC!

Finish Line Pro Chain Cleaner ~ Fast and Easy. A clean chain in 60 seconds! EcoTech cleaner your chains while it’s on the bike. Now available at Cessnock Bicycle Company. 88 Vincent Street, Cessnock