Grease is the word!



Yesterday I had to buy a specialist grease for a workshop job and it made me think about how many different grease products we use in the workshop.

Spoiler: the answer is eight!

For all our ‘normal’ grease needs like bottom brackets, axles & dropouts and headsets, we use Penrith Marine Grease. It’s a hardy grease that resists water so it’s perfect for bikes that get wet when riding or during washing.

For internal moving parts like freehub pawls and airspring pistons, we use SRAM Butter. On DT Swiss free hubs and axles, we use the genuine DTS Universal Grease.

On brake components we use the outrageously expensive Fuchs Renolit. Could be the same as the cheap red rubber grease but we think your bike is worth the expense.

Fork and shock seals get a coating of RockShox Dynamic Seal grease, this stuff is legend for lubrication and protection of your stanchions.

On squeaky seat posts and anywhere carbon fibre is involved, we use Finish Line Fibre Grip. This gritty grease will lube your seatpost and prevent it from turning under load.

If we’re repacking a bearing (rare but it happens) then the Finish Line Ceramic Grease is our goto product. Plus it’s loaded in the grease gun, so its the grease for very fine applications.

Yes, there’s an eighth grease and it’s a secret 🙂