Lockdown: The perfect time to call a friend and get on your bike.



Cycling permitted under two-person exercise rule in regional NSW

With the regional NSW lockdown permitting outdoor exercise and recreation in groups of two, there’s never been a better time to call a friend and go for a bike ride.

And with plenty of options for road, mountain bike and gravel riders within the Cessnock local government area – and the recent wet weather set to clear up – it’s a great time for locals to take up cycling as exercise or a transport solution.

Cessnock Bicycle Company owner Steve Whitby said the local cycling community is doing its best to maintain enthusiasm for outdoor exercise.

“The two-person rule is tough because most of us are social cyclists,” he said.

“I do feel that we are privileged to be able to continue our chosen sport while many other sports are involuntarily halted, and we all have to stick to the two-person rule to ensure we continue to enjoy our passion.

“Plus, who are the magpies going to chase if we’re not out there!”

Under the Public Health Order, bike shops are permitted to provide click-and-collect, delivery and contactless servicing.

Despite being closed to the public, Mr Whitby said his store is “busier than ever”.

“There’s additional work in cleaning the bikes on the way in and the way out but we’re keeping the cyclists rolling during lockdown and that’s the important thing for us,” he said.

Check out the Cycle Hunter Valley map at cessnockbicyclecompany.com.au.

COVID-19 NSW lockdown rules for cycling

Under the current NSW Public Health Order:

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