Pirelli Scorpion eMTB



This week, we updated our Habit Neo eBike to the new Pirelli Scorpion eMTB tyres. They’re tubeless of course, with Stan’s sealant and factory rimtape.

These new purpose-designed eMTB-specific tyres feature the new HyperWALL and SmartGRIP+ technologies, so they’re tough in the sidewalls and super grippy in the tread.

When we fitted them, the difference in sidewall strength between the OEM tyre and these eMTB tyres was remarkable – they’re going to be very hard to beat for durability on our rocky trails.We’ve gone with the Medium up front, and the Rear Specific at the back, and now we can’t wait to get out onto the trails this afternoon to try them out.

Thanks FE Sports and Paul Feltis for the tyres!