Kalkhoff 29 Endeavour 3.B Move Diamond 500Wh Jetgrey Matt LG

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Traffic jams are not only a waste of your time, but they ruin the start of your day. Now, what if you could get a workout during your morning commute instead? The Endeavour 3 allows you to do just that – and much more.

With its beautifully integrated frame, the powerful Bosch Smart System and top quality road bike features with an off-road touch, it’s one of the most versatile e-bikes around.

And it always looks good, whether on your early morning commute or on a touring adventure through the forests of Scandinavia. Focus on the essentials.

Reliable. High-performance. Ready for short trips and long adventures. An absolute allrounder, and the perfect choice if you want to be fit, look good on the road, and get there fast.

With the Endeavour 3, wasting time in traffic is a thing of the past.

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