Suspension & Steering modifications



Today’s workshop project is to update the Crown-Steerer Unit (CSU) on the shop demo bike’s forks.

We bought these Lyrik Ultimate 35mm forks with a 51mm offset during COVID, we needed a high-spec fork for the demo bike and this was all we could get at the time! The dual-circuit damping action is brilliant but the large offset made for a fairly average steering performance, especially in the single track.

You can see the difference in offset in this photo:

With a big shipment of backordered RockShox parts coming in to the Melb warehouse this week, the replacement CSU with 42mm offset arrived and there’s no delay in fitting it to the forks.

We do our own suspension servicing in-house so there’s no time wasted in getting the new CSU into the forks and onto the bike with a seal change and airspring service.

These are common suspension changes for trail riders and social MTBers – not just for pros! You don’t have to put up with poor fork or shock performance, and it’s OK if you think your bike doesn’t steer right!

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