The Long and Winding (Gravel) Road



There’s so much road riding to be done in the Hunter Valley, you’ll spend weeks finding all the nooks and crannies.

Thanks to a progressive Local Council, cycling infrastructure is very much on the agenda here, and cyclists are reaping the benefits. We have sealed shoulders on many of the main roads, and dedicated cycleways that roll past small and large wineries, eateries and interesting places to visit.

You can ride here on 28s and above – 35s are hassle-free. If you’re thinking about bringing your bike with narrow 23c or 25c tyres though, you’re better to rent a more suitable bike while you’re here. Many of our sealed roads are ‘less than smooth’ – and that’s a hint!

There are a few local bunches for regular road riding, call us at the shop on 02 4909 8492 and we’ll connect you. We also have our own schedule of shop rides, join our facebook group here and stay in touch with upcoming events.

Quickly becoming the most popular here in the Hunter Valley are Gravel bikes. Our favourite is the Cannondale Topstone, and we have several in our rental fleet.
Built for poor quality asphalt and unsealed gravel roads, these bikes should be called ‘Cessnock’ bikes – we have hundreds of kms of perfect riding conditions for Gravel bikes.

We have a social riding group dedicated to Gravel bikes here, with a monthly schedule that covers asphalt and gravel roads, plus open fire trails. Out at Laguna, you can stay with our friends in the B&B at Little Valley Farm and do 60km of gravel riding without seeing more than a few cars. Horse riders are more common!