Ultrasonic cleaning



We’ve used ultrasonics to clean parts for a few years, and with the recent upgrade of our machine, here’s an update of why this is the superior method for cleaning drivetrain parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning uses high-frequency, high-intensity sound waves in a liquid to remove foreign contaminants from surfaces submerged in the liquid. It’s unique in its ability to remove contaminants that other technologies cannot remove – it effectively cleans areas that are not accessible using other technologies.

This is especially beneficial in cleaning bicycle chains and cassettes. The cleaner ‘shakes’ out all of the contamination and dirty lube from inside the rollers.

Key to the success of this cleaning method is heat; our machine operates at 65 degrees. We add a chemical cleaner to ensure all of the old lubricant is removed, leaving behind a clean and dry component ready for installation and lubrication.

Following an ultrasonic chain clean, we’ll always recommend you wax your chain. Our hot-wax dipping service lubes your chain for several rides, filling all of the internal gaps with lubricated wax. Waxed chains last longer and perform better!

Our Drivetrain service is $99 and you can find it listed on our Fixed price Service page.