Water Restrictions…



From January 20th we’re into Level 2 water restrictions. This brings with it some impact on the services we can provide to our customers.


We’ve taken the decision to not wash any bikes until water restrictions are lifted. We’ll wipe your bike where it needs it, and we’ll use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean drivetrains, but we won’t be sending you back a gleaming bicycle after your service.

Ultrasonic cleaning is more expensive than a traditional wash-and-chain-scrub, but it produces an amazing result and won’t contibute to the really serious issue of water shortage during this severe drought.

If you want us to give your bike a proper scrub (the old fashioned way), then we’ll take it to the car wash and do it properly. There’s a $79 charge for that, but we’re happy to do it.

Of course, we recommend you bring us a clean bike!