Let’s talk about Waxing…

Since chains were invented, we’ve been lubricating them. Sometimes with oil, sometimes with WD-40 (please don’t!), sometimes with specialised (and always expensive) ‘Chain Lubricant’ that can be wet or dry, sprayed on or dripped on, and even applied with a rag (WTF). The bicycle chain is a special problem, because it’s right out there where … Read more

Water Restrictions…

From January 20th we’re into Level 2 water restrictions. This brings with it some impact on the services we can provide to our customers. https://www.hunterwater.com.au/Save-Water/Water-Restrictions/Water-Restrictions.aspx We’ve taken the decision to not wash any bikes until water restrictions are lifted. We’ll wipe your bike where it needs it, and we’ll use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean … Read more

eBike Update

When we started CBC, we knew that eBikes were going to be a big thing, but we’ve been surprised at the volume of requests for them. Not only are eBikes a highly efficient transport option and perfect for commuting, they can replace the second car and are good for the planet. The real surprise in … Read more

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