Bosch Kiox Upgrade Kit

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The Kiox from Bosch is an on-board computer for the ambitious rider.

Kiox combines the classic functions of an on-board computer and at the same time gives you access to the digital world via the smartphone app.

On the color display you always have an overview of all driving data – and thanks to the separate control unit, the handlebars and terrain are firmly under control. Kiox records your trips and sends all relevant data to the eBike Connect online portal via the smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

You can network with an optional chest strap via Bluetooth and are always informed about the current heart rate range – for optimal training.

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface also offers the option of downloading software updates to your on-board computer without a cable connection. 

Kiox is compatible with the following drives: 
Active Line (BDU2XX) 
Performance Line / Speed (BDU2XX) 
Performance Line CX (BDU2XX)

Active Line (BDU3XX) 
Active Line Plus (BDU3XX) 
Performance Line (BDU3XX)

Performance Line CX (BDU4XX) 
Performance Line Speed (BDU4XX) 
Cargo Line / Speed (BDU4XX)

Technical specifications: 

Area of intended use : Bosch eBike System 
Screen diagonal: approx. 1.9 “, scratch-resistant glass 
Touchscreen: no 
Battery: yes 
Splashproof: yes 
GPS: no 
Glonass: no 
Heart rate: yes, via separate chest strap (BLE) 
Connection options: USB, Bluetooth 
Maps: no 
internal memory: n / a 
Cable length: 1500 mm 
Color anthracite

Weight according to the manufacturer: 
Weight weighed: 161.9g

Kit Contents: 
1x BOSCH eBike on-board computer retrofit kit Kiox | Anthracite – 1500 mm cable consisting of: 
– Display Kiox 
– Kiox display holder 
– Kiox mounting plate 
– control unit 
– drive unit cables

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