Shanren Miles GPS Bike Computer

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Miles tracks your speed, distance, time, elevation, slope, laps, time, calories, temperature, heart rate and estimates cycling power. It has a built-in barometric altimeter for accurate elevation readings and all the functionality you might need for planning and analyzing your cycling sessions.

Miles works with Shanren’s best-selling smart tail light Raz Pro.
The LEDs on Miles light up in perfect sync with the Raz Pro: using the same color mode and signaling when you brake. Plus, with Miles you get to easily control your Raz Pro light right from your handlebar, keep you fully visible when riding in dark tunnels or on poorly lit roads

You can now get a consistent power reading WITHOUT a dedicated power meter. Miles will estimate power with a dedicated algorithm. There are several key factors that affect the accuracy of power estimation, so it is highly recommended to pair Miles with a cadence sensor and fill in all the relevant information in the app.

Miles comes with a customizable display — and you can choose (with limited options) what data you see on your screen via the Shanren Sport App. Cadence, speed, distance, laps, etc. — it’s your choice.

Miles supports speed sensor, cadence sensor, heart rate monitor, power meter and the Shanren bike taillight RAZ Pro. You can pair all these devices via BLE & ANT.