RideBuys is here

Drumroll, please… . CBC RideBuys is here! Every customer is important to us, and we want to reward you for shopping (and servicing your bike!) at our store. Our RideBuys loyalty program builds dollars for you whenever you spend with us. Buying a bike or apparel, servicing your bike or picking up some needed accessories … Read more

Visibility – #beseen

Visibility #beseen

We’ve all heard stories of cyclists injured (or worse) by other road users. The most common thing we hear from drivers is “I didn’t see them.” It’s in our interest to do everything we can to improve our visibility while we’re sharing the roads, and this is why CBC is participating in the new #beseen … Read more

Shimano Di2 updates

When CBC started, we commited to becoming a Shimano Dealer, and invested in new PC hardware to run the Shimano Di2 ‘E-Tube project’ program. You can read about E-Tube here. We’ve done a fair bit of Di2 work since then; it’s important that we’re staying current with the leading egde of electronics in bicycles – … Read more

Affordability Programs

The bike you want is sitting right there in our front window. You’ve asked the questions and done the research, and it’s the one – we even have it in your size.You’ve got some savings, but it’s not enough to walk in the shop and buy the bike – so you’re looking for an option … Read more

Let’s talk about Waxing…

Since chains were invented, we’ve been lubricating them. Sometimes with oil, sometimes with WD-40 (please don’t!), sometimes with specialised (and always expensive) ‘Chain Lubricant’ that can be wet or dry, sprayed on or dripped on, and even applied with a rag (WTF). The bicycle chain is a special problem, because it’s right out there where … Read more

Water Restrictions…

From January 20th we’re into Level 2 water restrictions. This brings with it some impact on the services we can provide to our customers. https://www.hunterwater.com.au/Save-Water/Water-Restrictions/Water-Restrictions.aspx We’ve taken the decision to not wash any bikes until water restrictions are lifted. We’ll wipe your bike where it needs it, and we’ll use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean … Read more

eBike Update

When we started CBC, we knew that eBikes were going to be a big thing, but we’ve been surprised at the volume of requests for them. Not only are eBikes a highly efficient transport option and perfect for commuting, they can replace the second car and are good for the planet. The real surprise in … Read more

Road Bikes

Eddy merckx

We carry loads of road bikes in stoc at CBC, because there’s plenty of great places to ride around here, and an abundance of like-minded road riders to ride with. The Cannondale Synapse is our most popular Endurance bike – it’s been refined over a decade and is now the bike of choice for both … Read more

The Long and Winding (Gravel) Road

There’s so much road riding to be done in the Hunter Valley, you’ll spend weeks finding all the nooks and crannies. Thanks to a progressive Local Council, cycling infrastructure is very much on the agenda here, and cyclists are reaping the benefits. We have sealed shoulders on many of the main roads, and dedicated cycleways … Read more

Emergency Service – please help!

We always keep some time up our sleeve to carry out emergency repairs, because bikes are vital transport options for many of us. Bikes are often brought into our store with a flat tyre, or a derailed chain, or sometimes even handlebars that have turned upside-down. When this happens, we put aside what we’re working … Read more

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