Test Rides and Demonstrator Bikes

Try before you buy!

Every adult’s bike we have for sale can be taken for a test ride. We’ll go for a short ride with you and help you to understand everything about the bike you’re riding.

If you want to experience a bike completely, then we’ll rent it to you for one or two days, and you’re free to take it where you ride. If you buy the bike following your rental, we’ll take the rental cost off the purchase price of the bike. Most of our bikes are available on this program.

Our eBikes are available on a no-cost overnight rental. You’ll collect the bike with a full charge, and return it to us the next day – with most eBikes you’ll get 50-60km from the battery.
There’s no obligation to buy, but eBikes are so good, you will want one!

For more information on test riding any of our bikes, call us on 49098492 or visit the shop here