wahoo experience

Wahoo Experience System

We have two full Wahoo Experience systems in the store. They replicate riding conditions, including inclines and descents! You’ll find yourself totally in the zone on this amazing Smart Trainer (a KICKR Core), with its 50″ HDTV, an automatic Inclinometer (the KICKR Climb), and a fan that kicks in when you heat up (the KICKR Headwind).

The trainer is compatible with most bike computers, and will log your Zwift rides in a training app like Strava.
They’re available to demo with one of our bikes, or you can bring your own bike and rent one for $25 per hour or $40 for both, to supplement your own training in our air conditioned showroom.

Learn more about Wahoo Smart trainers here, or visit us instore for a full demo – bring your cycling gear!

Why not rent both in-store trainers, and race your mate? You can ride any of the Zwift VR environments, such as London or New York, or ride the Innsbruck Course – a 2018 UCI Worlds Short Course lap.

Join us for Trainer Tuesday, where we gather with our bikes and trainers for a friendly weekly stage race. TT is a big hit with CBC customers, and participation is completely free.

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